Our Story

Tall Guy and a Grill started with one tall guy, his grill, and a whole lot of requests for meatballs.‍
Founded in 2009 by the original tall guy, Dan Nowak, the company started with the flavors from his grandmother’s kitchen. After many afternoons preparing pasta, rolling out meatballs and enjoying the memories of the family meal that came afterwards, Dan continued this tradition into his life, creating grillable tailgate-friendly versions of his childhood favorites.

As requests for wedding and events started to grow, and recognition from awards like ‘People’s Favorite Meatball’ grew, our company came out of the overwhelming demand from you, our amazing neighbors looking for incredible meals with friendly service.‍

Today, Tall Guy and a Grill has grown into a headquarters in our home of West Allis, with a growing team of guys and gals who are tall in passion and talent.‍

Our catering menu has also grown, too. We are culinary inspired, cooking up creative twists on classics dishes and new tastes to enjoy local flavors. And we whip up one-of-a-kind meals inspired by you and your idea for the perfect evening.‍

Our ingredients are carefully selected, with over 50% coming from Wisconsin farms and small batch artisans who take care in the food they create. We love serving local, fresh ingredients not only because they taste better, they’re also better for our environment and community of local businesses.‍

Like gathering around grandma’s table, every meal we prepare is made from scratch. And with our team of planners, we’ll help your event come together from scratch, too. We’re with you every step to cover everything from the right quantities to special dietary requests.

‍Whether a once in a lifetime occasion or just the occasion of being together, Tall Guy and a Grill is here to help you create cherished memories through a shared meal that brings heartfelt smiles to the table.

Our Core Team

Dan Nowak

Owner, Chef, Tall Guy

Dana Spandet

Executive Chef

Alissa Shiffman

General Manager

Brit Grosenick

Sales Manager

Bryn Winter

Catering Operations

Erica Westfahl

Catering Coordinator

Morgan Lopez

Sous Chef

Jeanna Hommel

Sous Chef