team tall guy

At Tall Guy, we are living our passion for great food by providing locally sourced farm to table dishes together with unparalleled customer service to create an exceptional experience. We are always looking for great employees who have the same passion for food and service to help us deliver on our mission.

How do we deliver on our mission? By living our core values.


Our three core values define how we create an exceptional experience and we use them to help us find
the right people, set expectations and define success, and give feedback and recognition.


Be Positive
• Make a positive impact on each other, the community and the environment
• Treat everyone with respect
• Help and support others
• Be a friendly, positive, passionate team player
• Have fun


Be Exceptional
• Treat every guest as if they were the client
• Small details make a difference
• Go the extra mile, even when no-one is watching
• Always raise the bar
• Take pride in your work
• Correct the mistake that no-one would notice
• Use common sense, it always leads to the right thing


Be a Leader
• Take initiative and act.
• Set an example
• Be accountable and hold others accountable
• Continuously learn and grow
• Recognize exceptional performance

What is it like to work at Tall Guy and a Grill?


We are a team. Our employees truly work together as a team, jumping in to help without being
asked and taking on tasks outside of your role. Make a mistake? We’re here to support you,
help find a solution and use it as a learning experience!


Work / Life Balance. While nights, weekends and general hustle come with this line of work,
many of our employees have families, school and other outside activities and its important to us
to work with employees to help them achieve balance.


We eat our delicious food! We’re a Milwaukee area catering company, and we like to eat our amazing dishes
too! Every employee gets a meal each shift.


We have fun at work! We work with great people who love what they do. We are passionate
and take our jobs seriously, but we don’t let the seriousness get in the way of having fun and
being pleasant to work with!


We learn and grow. It’s important to us to help employees grow in their careers. We give
employees opportunities to gain new experiences in their current roles, and promote from
within when possible.

Tall Guy Staff

Employee Stories


Nina Mendez

Nina Mendez – former Assistant Catering Manager “I can’t thank Dan enough for the opportunities he had given me at Tall Guy and a Grill.”


I was hired as the Assistant Catering Manager with only a fair amount of experience in management. After only a few months of working with Tall Guy and a Grill, the position of Catering Manager became available. Instead of seeking out an outside hire with more experience, Dan gave me the chance to prove myself. I’ve since landed a role as Catering Sales Manager at Patxi’s Pizza restaurant chain, which has locations in the Bay Area, SoCal, Denver, and Seattle. This progression in my career wouldn’t have been possible without my time at Tall Guy and a Grill.


It means so much to have a boss that is on board with your personal growth. Tall Guy and a Grill fosters the most incredible work environment. No one has a unique focus on farm-to-table and local love quite like Tall Guy and a Grill. A lot of jobs in this industry make it hard to find work-life balance, but not here. While the hustle comes with this line of work, Dan was always willing to work with me to make sure I was getting time off to spend with family, work on my school work, and pursue my hobbies.


In my experience, few service industry jobs have fostered such a positive work environment like Dan and Dana have done at Tall Guy and a Grill. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed when I made a mistake – mistakes were met with kindhearted jokes and a willingness to work as a team to find a solution. Everyone takes their roles very seriously so that we can deliver a great experience, but they never let that seriousness get in the way of having fun.