Villa Filomena Wedding with Tall Guy and a Grill

Wedding Cupcake Display

Here at Tall Guy, our wedding catering services extend far beyond preparing a menu exactly to your liking. I want to take the opportunity to showcase our team in action. This past weekend, we wasted no time in creating an inviting, charming environment at the historic Villa Filomena.

Villa Filomena Catering

The team starts off with the essential chore of unloading the Tall Guy van. We’ve got carts filled to the brim, tables and linens from Canopies and eco-friendly dinnerware from Patra. And, let’s not forget our headliner: a customized buffet of Vegetable Lasanga, Flank Steak with Roasted Tomato Butter, and Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  This is all transferred into the venue’s kitchenette within a 15-20 minute period.

Villa Filomena Setup

By the time the evening’s entertainment arrives and starts to set-up, we’ve already skirted every single table in the room.  We then start placing salt & pepper shakers, centerpieces, and dinnerware.

Wedding Table Setup

The team works efficiently – and meticulously.  Everything is placed just right.

Wedding Cupcakes

The dessert display comes next – this past weekend, the couple chose Aggie’s Bakery – one of our personal favorites in the city.  Amazing flavor and beautifully styled!

Wedding Bread

And then it’s on to the last-minute details.  We double-check everything before reconvening in the Villa Filomena kitchen to talk final game-plan.

Tall Guy in the Kitchen

Once we’ve got everything checked-off the list, we put on our Tall Guy aprons and station ourselves with ready-to-serve you attitudes.

Team Tall Guy

As you can see with our wedding service at the Villa Filomena, our services extend beyond great tasting food. Every single detail matters. If you’re looking for an easy, unique caterer that always delivers a “wow” factor – contact us today.  Let us show you what we’re all about.