Produce Shopping At Local Farmers Markets

Tall Guy Farmers Market Shopping

Welcome to summer, Milwaukee! This is the time of year we try to take our menu planning and shopping outdoors to purchase fresh, local ingredients from our farmers. Supporting our local farmers markets – it’s important to the Tall Guy mission.

This past week I hit up the West Allis Farmers Market, with Executive Chef, Dana Spandet at my side. It’s such a good feeling – taking in all of the great, in-season produce and friendly greetings from Wisconsin farmers – knowing your support makes a difference.  

Farmers Market Tomatoes

Do You Call East Tosa Home?

There’s an impressive number of farmers markets within a 10-mile radius. We counted 12 unique and plentiful markets that you can count on being flooded with attractive and local produce from now until late fall. This map gives you an idea of just how close you are to one of these great markets. 

 Farmers Market Map

Think farmers markets are only on the weekends? Think again because we snuck out of the Tall Guy kitchen to do our shopping in the middle of the day on a Thursday.

Farmers Markets Are Another Way to #ShopLocal

While shopping at your local farmers market not only allows you to get the best possible ingredients from the producers themselves, you’re also supporting the local economy! #Win#Win

Farmers Market Setup

Reasons To Talk To Your Local Farmers:

  1. You can learn what really goes into growing your food
  2. Find out what in-season produce is bursting with flavor
  3. Discover a new method of preparation that will make that food even more flavorful

Strawberry Shopping Farmers Markets

How Local Shopping Makes Tall Guy Different

Since there are so many local farmers markets in our nearby neighborhoods, we have the opportunity to utilize more creative ingredients and less common varieties, like purple cauliflower. Since we have so many markets to choose from, we bring home only the ripest produce, which means more flavor.

This week, Dana had her “Chef’s Choice” menu on her mind as we walked through the rows of brightly colored sweet peas, broccoli, spinach, and strawberries. By the end of our trip, she had creatively pieced together a dish that would work perfectly for our client.

Two packs of strawberries

Tall Guy Is Lucky To Call Wisconsin Home

Regularly stopping by local markets gives us the chance to get to know the individuals growing our food and see what our neighboring farms have to offer. With their bounty of great produce left and right, we’re able to create dishes with the best possible flavor, color, and juiciness for your corporate event, wedding or party.

Pack of stawberries

Now It’s Your Turn

We think you’ll be impressed with how many markets are in your own neighborhood or near your workplace. Start exploring what Milwaukee has to offer this season and find a market here

Curious how we can incorporate local produce and ingredients into your dream wedding or corporate catering menu? Get in touch here – we love the challenge!