Welcome New Executive Chef, Dana!

Tall Guy Brewer Game

Big news! We’re excited to announce our newest Tall Guy team member, Dana Spandet.  Dana, who will function as our Executive Chef, not only has years of experience in the industry and an educational background in Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management, her values align with the mission of Tall Guy to create beautiful, bold flavors from locally-sourced food.

Dana and chicken house

Possibly the most impressive thing about Dana – aside from her zany sense of humor – is her commitment to creating a sustainable, healthy environment.  For the past several years, she has reshaped her Milwaukee backyard from a blank slate to a space that allows her to grow flowers and produce through the Victory Garden Initiative, naturally raise chickens, and – get this – own an apiary!  For those of you who are unfamiliar, an apiary is a collection of bee hives used to harvest honey or benefit farming.

dana spaget with bees

All in all, we’re elated about our newest edition.  Dana fits right in and brings our catering business to the next level. She also seems to share the same enthusiasm about joining the Tall Guy team.  

“Transparency in the industry is important to me,” she shares.  “And, I know that these are the standards and ethics of Tall Guy and A Grill.  I also know the hard work and time it takes to go to the farms, talk to the farmers, and tell the client what we’re bringing back to them.  The more time I spend creating beautiful dishes in the kitchen will help Tall Guy continue this practice.”

dana and veggies