Favorite Tall Guy Recipes in 2016

Shrimp and Grits

There’s a lot to love on the Tall Guy menu this year.  Today, we took time for some fun, candid shots of the staff and talked about our favorite recipes in 2016 – it was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Dana Spandet, Executive Chef
Dana Spandet working

“Right now, my favorite on the menu is our seasonally stuffed pork tenderloin.  I love having the freedom of being able to work with what’s seasonal and fresh.  If I’m doing a #weddingtasting for a bride & groom, I can easily tweak some of the fillings to meet their personal tastes while staying true to working with locally available ingredients.”

stuffed pork

Veronica O’Donnell, Catering Manager

Veronica O'Donnell working

“I’ve really been digging our veggie sides these days!  Dana is doing a great job of using fresh produce and cooking it thoughtfully.  She’ll also add a balsamic glaze, fresh lemon, or Nordic Creamery Garlic Basil Butter.  Yummy! Roasted veggies are perfect on any #partymenu and I always see people coming back for a second helping.”

Nordic Creamery Garlic Basil Butter

Dan Nowak, #LocalBizOwner

Dan Nowak working

My favorite Tall Guy dish right now is our New Orleans food station.  As the weather starts to turn cooler, I begin craving comfort food.  It doesn’t get much more satisfying than big bowl of spicy shrimp with cheesy grits.

New Orleans food station

And, I don’t think I stand alone when I say it’s a favorite – last year this dish won the Best Savory Bite and People’s Choice vote at Food Fright, a fundraiser for Local First Milwaukee that pushes the #eatlocal initiative. We’ll be competing again on Thursday, October 27th, so get your TICKET and come join in on the fun.

Tall guy team

Beyond the menu, I’m so proud of our team.  They’re focused and invested in making each business luncheon, wedding, employee party, etc., dynamite. They’ve not only got the dedication – they’ve got great attitudes and it resonates with our customers.  Great work, team!