Tall Guy Reflects on an Awesome Year as a Local Caterer

Tall Guy Local Caterer

Like you, I can’t believe another year has gone by. Despite the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I always take the time to reflect on our achievements as a local caterer here in Southeastern Wisconsin.

This year, I want to share a few of my top highlights here at Tall Guy with you…

Celebrating One Year in West Allis

We couldn’t ask to be part of better community. The City of West Allis is really undergoing a rebirth right now – just look at all the hundreds of millions of dollars that will be going into new developments within the next 12 to 36 months. It’s remarkable.

We’ve really enjoyed the expanded kitchen, having a central location in the city, and we’re excited to share we will be expanding into the other half of our building in the 1st quarter of 2019 with additional office space and storage.

Get Ready for a 2nd Annual Farm to Table Dinner

Last year’s Farm to Table Dinner was a blast! The positive response from our guests who attended in our first event in Janesville, Wisconsin, inspired us to start working on our 2nd annual farm dinner with an addition of 40 seats. We’re looking to increase capacity to 100 or more people – that’s right, the more the merrier!

At next year’s event, you can also anticipate:

  • Live Music
  • A Tent
  • A New Venue at a Farm in Delavan/Lake Geneva
  • Amazing locally-sourced food – as always!


The Team Grew!

2018 was about settling into our new kitchen and establishing a more streamlined workflow. We added several new full-time members and will be adding a couple of full-time assistants, event staff, and event chefs early in 2019 to keep up with increased demand.

Top of mind in 2019: work-life balance for my staff. To help with that, we’re redoing our training program, employee handbook, and implementing an annual company-wide training session.

Catering New, Unique Venues

Barn venues are deemed out of style on the East and West coasts, but here in the Midwest, we know they’ll always be a hit. We enjoyed catering at 2 new barns this year:

The Barn at Wagon Wheel Farm

Cupola Barn

Both venues are amazing and gorgeous – and, we’re are lucky enough to be on their preferred list of local caterers. While we’ve only catered 1- 2 events at each location in 2018, we’re looking forward to being there a lot more in 2019 as these venues just opened up!

Big Love for Our Independent Farmers

The vendors we always love the most are our independent farmers. We have a steady stream of local farmers such as Fowler Farm & Big City Greens dropping off their awesome products.

We’ve also made connections at the West Allis Farmers Market as well, and as a local caterer, it pays to be a short half of a mile away from that huge market.

Also, if you haven’t checked out this market, put it on your 2019 bucket list.

New Recipes

I think the best product and newest revelations that came to us this year were all the new recipes and cooking tools we have available to us now with the new Alto Shaam Combi Oven that we have. It cooks (among other things) some of our customers favorite: our sustain-ably sourced cold smoked salmon, ribs, vegetables, and more.

Stay tuned for our January blog, “New Year, New Menu” when we highlight our new recipes, like our Pork Belly and Sweet Potato Hummus Appetizer Spoon!

Along with that, there will be new display pieces and a potential collaboration with Milwaukee Blacksmith on a new custom piece of equipment. This will take the “grill” in Tall Guy and a Grill to a whole new level.

3 of My Favorite Things from 2018…

1. The Entire Team

First and foremost our entire team, especially my power-house management team (learn a little more about them HERE). We had another record growth year and it is all possible because they go above and beyond each day at work.

Corporate Catering Buffet2. Our Farm Dinner

The Farm Dinner pushed us outside of what we normally would do. With a complete custom menu, we sourced 99% of the ingredients from farms in Southeastern Wisconsin.

As a reminder, stay tuned for more details for our 2nd annual Farm Dinner – we’re excited for 2019!

3. Our Community and Customers

We have had such great support from our family, friends, and community over the past 9 years. It takes a lot of loyal customers having faith in us to get to where we are today, and we can’t wait to keep feeding everyone in 2019.

In short, we’re grateful for our new and loyal relationships – thank you for trusting us as your local caterer. Happy Holidays!