Take Your Party Catering To The Next Level With Our Custom Grill!

grilled chicken breast

Have you ever heard the Tall Guy origin story? The idea for this business came from my love for tailgating and grilling out all summer. In my opinion, there’s really nothing better than lighting up a charcoal grill and creating something delicious on it.

grilling steaks with flameYou can imagine my reaction when my team came to me and said they needed a bigger grill for upcoming events. I mean…absolutely yes!! This sent us into a flurry of research and weighing our options. And now, after months of preparation, we’re so excited to christen the new Tall Guy Grill!

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Why You Need The Upgrade

yukon gold potatoes on the grillIf you live in Wisconsin, you know there’s nothing better than a steak (or brat, or veggie burger…) fresh off the grill. There’s just something about the smell of the charcoal and wood, the grate marks, and the flavor that can’t compare to cooking any other way. So, we decided to bring the people what they want.


  1. On-site grilling for your next party. Nothing says “I care about your tastebuds” like quality, local food straight off the grill. Plus, it’s entertaining for your guests. You really can’t go wrong!
  2. In this case, bigger is totally better. Our new grill measures  6′ x 3′. We can fit around 75 – 80 chicken breasts on this beast at once. We’re ready for the masses…and you don’t have to try to coordinate 10 volunteers to bring the Webers to the picnic.
  3. Grilling isn’t just for burgers anymore. Recently we grilled steaks, potatoes, and green beans for a wedding. The next day, we turned around and made shrimp and veggie kabobs for a fundraiser. Our team loves to get creative, so if you can imagine it being grilled, we’ll give it a shot!

See our Grilling and BBQ menu

How It Works

Setting Up the Tall Guy Grill with charcoalThe Tall Guy Grill weighs about 650 – 700 pounds. It lives in the back of one of our trucks (yes, we did have to custom build the lift-gate!). When you book the grill for an event, our team will show up a few hours prior to meal time to set up. We’ll find the perfect spot to unload the grill, then start by lighting up a layer of charcoal. Next, we’ll add wood to really heat things up.

on site grilling wedding cateringDepending on your food selections, we’ll cook throughout your event, or on-demand as needed. Once the cooking is done, we’ll let the grill cool off, clean up, and load it back on the truck until the next event!

Custom Built In Milwaukee With Love

Tall Guy Grill at Milwaukee BlacksmithTall Guy is all about supporting local, independent businesses. We source over 75% of our food products locally, and it doesn’t stop there! When we started dreaming about this grill, we did some research. We discovered that at this scale, we would need to have it custom built.

adjustable grate Dan grillingSo, off we went to visit Milwaukee Blacksmith. These guys understood our vision and specifications, and they built this beast right here in Milwaukee. This bad boy has the perfect amount of venting, adjustable grate racks, and wheels (to name a few fun features). We’re proud of the local craftsmanship, and can’t wait to share this beauty with our community!

How To Book The Grill For Your Next Party

grilled chicken breastWeddings. Graduation parties. Anniversary parties. Vow renewals. Fundraisers. Block parties. Family reunions. Work picnics. Neighborhood festivals. Dog adoption celebrations (yes, we’ve had one!). If the event is going to be held outdoors, it’s a great candidate to use the Tall Guy Grill.

If you have a future event booked with Tall Guy, you can add on-site grilling to your event with a small up charge. Or, if you have an upcoming event you’d like to discuss, contact us today!

grilled vegetable kabobsScheduling the grill will be first come, first served for “dibs” on specific dates for catering with the custom grill. Our team will confirm that you have a safe location to grill (must be outdoors), and that we can load and unload successfully before confirming your event. At this time, we are not planning to grill outdoors in the winter months – it’s all fun and games until one of our crew gets frostbite!

See our Grilling and BBQ menu