Restaurant Review: Ono Kine Grindz

We love our little block in Wauwatosa. There’s no denying, this area on North Ave. is booming, with local, independent restaurants, bars, bakeries and more, we really have it made. Here’s my review of a little gem called Ono Kine Grindz – your source for Hawaiian food right in our neighborhood.

I popped in last Thursday afternoon, as I knew I was headed to a friend’s house for the Packer game that night and wanted to contribute to a somewhat healthy (aka: not wings or pizza) dinner. I was greeted by the owner of the store and his niece; when I asked about taking the food now and throwing it in the fridge until later that night, they assured me that it would be no problem to microwave.

Since I felt like getting some variety, I ordered the Combo Plate for all of us, which includes Kalua Pig ( Hawaiian smoked pulled pork) and Char Siu chicken (grilled Chinese BBQ thighs) with rice as well as the Li Hing carrot-pineapple slaw, macaroni potato salad and kim chee.

ono meal


ono sides









Let me just tell you, this is a unique, tasty, easy to transport and re-heat meal! We threw the rice, chicken and pork into the microwave for about 2-3 minutes and they were perfect. The rice is sticky, and the chicken is really something special – great flavor, texture and all around presentation.

The sides were just as impressive as the main course – were were completely smitten with the carrot coleslaw – holy cow did it taste like a dessert or cake or something equally delicious! The kim chee was nice and spicy, and the pasta potato salad was a traditional creamy delight, with a kick at the end that kept me coming back for more!

ono soda


Before I left Ono, I also asked them to build me a 6-pack of their favorite Hawaiian sodas, which are sweetened naturally. We ended up with a nice variety including Pass-O-Guava, Pineapple-orange, and Apple iced tea. We had fun sampling the variety of flavors, and let’s be honest, they made a great vodka cocktail mixer as well!

You know I love supporting local businesses like mine, and this is no different. Ono has a great thing going with the flavors of the Pacific, and I’ll be honest, it’s getting more and more difficult to grab fast food, or even bar food on the way home when I know this magnificent meal is waiting just down the block! Show your love in Tosa folks, and get you some Ono Kine Grindz!