Party Catering Menu Full Service

Party Catering Menu | Full Service

Full Service means your party catering is fully staffed and supported from start to finish. If you are looking for something more casual or for us to keep a lower profile, click to see our Party Drop Off Menu. Feel free to ask about our vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu options.


Choose from a mix of passed or stationary appetizers to greet your guests. **Passed appetizers can also be served stationary.**


Custom selections are available to pair with a cocktail or the theme of your special day



Mini Bourbon BBQ Pork
ground pork, house
breadcrumbs, Tall Guy
Bourbon BBQ Sauce


Grilled Peach Skewer
char grilled peach, fresh
mozzarella, basil, Oro di
Oliva peach balsamic glaze,
bamboo skewer


Mini Pretzel Bite & Brat
Skewer with Sprecher Root
Beer Mustard
Wisconsin brat and pretzel
bites, bamboo skewer,
mustard dipping sauce


dates stuffed with cream
cheese, wrapped in Nueske’s


Pretzel Bites with Sprecher
Root Beer Mustard
Miller Baking Company
pretzel bites, mustard dipping


Arancini Bites
cheesy herbed risotto, panko
crusted and fried


Creole Shrimp Skewers
Cajun seasoned shrimp on
bamboo skewers, spicy house


Honey Ricotta Crostini
ricotta, Wisconsin honey,
flake salt, lemon grapeseed
oil, micro greens, toasted


Wisconsin Napoleon
Carr Valley bread cheese,
char grilled smoked
Wisconsin sausage, potato,
mustard vinaigrette, bamboo


Pretzel Crusted Chicken Bites
Addicting Pretzel Company
smoky pretzel crusted chicken
bites, Mustard Girl sweet and
spicy mustard glaze, bamboo


Mushroom and Mascarpone
sautéed wild mushrooms,
garlic, herbs, mascarpone
cheese, savory tart shell


Elote Tartlet
Alsum Farm sweet corn,
queso fresco, mayo, spiced
lime vinaigrette, micro
cilantro, savory tart shell


Caprese Skewer
fresh mozzarella, cherry
tomatoes, and basil on
bamboo skewers with
balsamic glaze


Chicken & Waffle Skewer
mini maple waffles, spicy
breaded chicken, Boursin
cheese, Wisconsin maple


Mini Tacos

  • poke: ahi tuna, soy sauce, rice
    vinegar, sesame oil, thinly
    scallions, sweet chili sauce,
    sesame seeds, micro cilantro
  • bbq: smoky pulled pork or
    beef brisket, Carolina slaw,
    crispy onion straws, micro
  • shrimp: Asian style slaw,
    shrimp, micro greens




Farm Stand
assorted Wisconsin cheese and
crackers. includes cheese curds
and soft/hard cheeses that are
seasonally available, house
made pickles, pickled mustard
seed, 5 Lillies jam, SA Braai
seasonal chutney, olives.


Wisconsin Charcuterie
addition to the Farm Stand.
locally sourced salami and
cured sausage


assortment of seasonal cold
and balsamic glazed grilled
vegetables, hummus, ranch,
sliced flatbreads, and crostini.
available as a stand-alone
station, or as a great addition
to any Farm Stand.


Faroe Island salmon, cold
smoked in house. grilled
lemons, capers, aioli, pickled
red onions, herbed cream
cheese, sliced flatbread,


House Chips & Dip
lattice cut potato chips, fried
in house, served with Tall
Guy chip dip


seasonal assortment of sliced
fruit. add to any Farm Stand,
or enjoy as a featured station.


Bread and Butter
fresh baked artisan bread,
compound butters, cracked
black pepper, Himalayan sea
salts, Oro di Oliva infused
oils and balsamic vinegar.


Bar Snacks
house lattice cut potato chips
with Tall Guy chip dip,
pickles, smoky pretzels with
local mustard, artisan nut
mixture. great as a feature
station or scattered amongst
your guests at cocktail tables.



a twist on classic appetizers.
choose from a combination
of the options below.
available as a passed
appetizer or a chef action


ahi tuna, soy sauce, rice
vinegar, sesame oil, thinly
scallions, sweet chili sauce,
sesame seeds, micro cilantro


Mac and Cheese
sharp cheddar mascarpone
cheese sauce, smoked
paprika, house toasted


diced heirloom tomatoes,
micro basil, fresh mozzarella,
house Italian dressing


Tikka Masala
chicken, garlic, coriander,
cumin, paprika, smoky tomato
sauce, topped with harissa


Choose a seasonal green salad to pair with any style of service: buffet, plated, family style, or stations. Includes fresh baked dinner rolls and butter.


All green salads available to be served buffet, plated, or family style.


these options are available
to enjoy year round


heritage greens with petite
green and red leaf lettuce,
cherry tomatoes, carrots,
cucumber, house croutons,
balsamic vinaigrette


Wisconsin Wedge
butter lettuce, Nueske’s
bacon, tomato, crumbled bleu,
Treat Bake Shop candied
pecans, creamy peppercorn


Caesar Salad
romaine, parmesan cheese,
house crouton, lemon wedge,
house Caesar dressing


Apple Bleu
heritage greens with petite
green and red leaf lettuce,
apple, crumbled bleu cheese,
Treat Bake Shop candied
pecans, dried cranberries,
champagne vinaigrette


seasonally available


arugula, red onion, cucumber,
tomato, basil, shaved
parmesan, fresh baked bread,
creamy peppercorn dressing


heritage greens with petite
green and red leaf lettuce,
strawberries, blueberries,
crumbled goat cheese, walnuts,
balsamic vinaigrette


pea tendril greens, char grilled
peaches, burrata, Treat Bake
Shop spiced almonds, peach
balsamic dressing


sunflower shoot greens,
strawberries, Treat Bake Shop
candied pecans, balsamic
bellavitano cheese, champagne


seasonally available


kale greens blend, shaved
brussels sprouts, cornbread,
butternut squash, fresh herbs,
shaved parmesan, creamy
peppercorn dressing

Winter Greens
kale greens blend, green
apple, shaved brussels
sprouts, carrots, pomegranate,
balsamic bellavintano cheese,
champagne vinaigrette


Grass fed ground beef sliders. midwest sourced beef, pork, and chicken. Sustainably harvested seafood. Vegetarian and Vegan plates.


Custom selections are available to pair with any theme or style of service. Just ask and we’ll put our talented culinary team to work to create a custom entrée just for you!



Lemon Herb
char grilled chicken breast,
garlic, fresh herbs, and lemon


Char Grilled
house marinade, char grilled
chicken breast, served with
scratch made chimichurri or
Tall Guy Bourbon BBQ Sauce
Braised boneless braised chicken, pan
sauce, Nordic Creamery


Tikka Masala
braised chicken with garlic,
coriander, cumin, paprika,
smoky tomato sauce, topped
with harissa yogurt




rosemary roasted turkey
breast, sliced and served with


vegan &


Black Bean Cake
rolled oats, spinach, herb, and
black bean cake served on a
bed of greens, dressed with
roasted red pepper sauce.


fresh garlic and parsley
linguine, smoked mozzarella
cream sauce, seasonal roasted
veg. vegetarian.


Portabella Napoleon
Layers of balsamic marinated
portabella with fresh herbs
and seasonal veg, roasted red
pepper sauce. vegan.


Korean BBQ
slow cooked & pulled
jackfruit, Korean BBQ sauce,
Asian style slaw. vegan.



char grilled, bone in pork
chop served with a sauce of
your choosing: spiced apples,
SA Braai seasonal chutney, or
bbq dry rub and Tall Guy
Bourbon BBQ Sauce


baby back, house smoked,
house bbq dry rub, sweet and
tangy bbq sauce. served with
Carolina (vinegar & mustard
based sauce) bbq or Tall Guy
bourbon bbq sauce on the side




house steak seasoning, sliced
and served with roasted tomato


house steak seasoning, served
with peppercorn horseradish


Short Ribs
braised, boneless beef short
ribs, pan sauce


smoked or braised, sliced and
served with Carolina bbq sauce
or Tall Guy Bourbon BBQ


Rosemary Prime Rib
fresh rosemary, served medium
rare, peppercorn horseradish
cream sauce


served with customized
condiments and Miller
Baking Company pretzel
slider rolls


Bourbon BBQ Pork Meatball
with Carolina Slaw


Pulled BBQ Chicken


Smoked Pulled Pork


Cheddar Stuffed Grass Fed Beef


Bacon, Bleu, and Garlic
stuffed Grass Fed Beef


Ground Turkey, Feta, and


Maple Glazed Pork Belly with
Pickled Red Onions


Mini Brats with Kraut


Black Bean (vegan)


Portabella Mushroom with
Spinach and Roasted Red
Pepper Sauce (vegan)


Pulled BBQ Jackfruit (vegan)




pan seared Faroe Island
salmon, served with your
choice of topping: peach
salsa, lemon herb, or roasted
tomato butter. custom
pairings can be
accommodated upon request.


pan seared, served with your
choice of topping: peach
salsa, lemon herb, or roasted
tomato butter. custom
pairings can be
accommodated upon request.


Accompaniments for the main course.  Mix and match to design your unique menu.


Want to incorporate your home brew as a secret ingredient in the mac and cheese, or further customize beyond the options here? We love custom menus and look forward to the challenge of bringing that extra special touch to your special day!



Roasted Red
roasted red potatoes with
fresh herbs & garlic


herb roasted fingerling
potatoes with house garlic


Garlic Mashed
mashed russet potatoes,
garlic, cream cheese, salted


Yukon Gold
oven roasted, corn meal
crusted Yukon gold potato
halves, topped with


Baked Mostaccioli
four cheese blend, garlic,
mostaccioli, marinara, baked
golden brown


Mama Mucci’s fresh garlic
and parsley linguine, served
with a sauce of your choosing
(marinara, smoked mozzarella
alfredo, or pesto)


Pimento Mac
Wisconsin made Martha’s
Pimento Cheese sauce, penne,
fresh herbs, house


Gnocchi Mac
smoked mozzarella cheese
sauce, potato gnocchi, fresh
herbs, house breadcrumb



oven roasted, served with
balsamic glaze or fresh lemon
and cracked black pepper


Green Beans
fresh green beans, topped with
smoked gremolata (parsley,
lemon zest, garlic)


Cauliflower Gratin
gruyere cheese sauce, capers,
Nueske’s bacon, cauliflower,
house toasted breadcrumb


Brussel Sprouts
oven roasted, garlic, Oro di
Oliva olive oil, salt and pepper


Seasonal Roasted
chef’s choice or customize to
your personal preference. oven
roasted, garlic, Oro di Oliva
olive oil, salt and black pepper


Parmesan Broccoli
oven roasted broccoli,
parmesan, garlic, roasted red
pepper flake, lemon zest


apple cider vinegar braised
greens with Nueske’s bacon


perfect for pairing with a
custom slider or bbq menu


Fruit Skewers
trio of seasonal fruit on
knotted bamboo picks, glazed
with rum, lime juice, brown
sugar, and honey. can be
customized with your favorite
fruits upon request


Tall Guy Pasta
tri-color rotini, Wisconsin
cheese curds, diced bell
pepper, sliced black olives,
cherry tomatoes, house Italian


Carolina Slaw
shredded cabbage and carrots,
dressed with apple cider
vinegar and Dijon mustard
Southern style dressing


Fingerling Potato
crumbled Neuske’s bacon,
egg, fresh green beans, diced
celery, fresh herbs, fingerling
potatoes, house vinaigrette


Caprese Pasta
fresh mozzarella cheese, basil,
sliced cherry tomatoes, penne
pasta, house Italian


New Potato
jalapeno Caesar dressing,
diced tomato, shaved brussels


Southwest Corn
Alsum farm sweet corn, black
beans, green onion, shaved
radish, queso fresco, fresh
herbs, arugula, lime


Interactive themed tables of locally sourced cuisine that are sure to have your guests talking well after your special day.


Ask about customizing a station based on your personal tastes!


choose from beef tenderloin,
flank steak, beef brisket
(braised or smoked),
rosemary roasted turkey
breast, pork belly, or prime
rib. pair with any of these
sauces: turkey gravy, roasted
tomato butter, peppercorn
horseradish, Tall Guy
Bourbon BBQ, seasonal SA
Braai chutney, Korean BBQ,
or chimichurri


mardi gras

a taste of New Orleans.
Creole shrimp and Wisconsin
cheddar grits, red beans and
rice with sliced andouille
sauce, braised chicken with a
Cajun pan sauce, apple cider
braised collard greens with
Nueske’s bacon, and fresh
baked cheddar biscuits
*can be customized upon request



one of our signature stations.
guests can customize their
choice of garlic mashed russet
or mashed sweet potatoes
with toppings including
crumbled bacon, shredded
Wisconsin cheddar cheese,
scallions, sour cream, honey
butter, and gravy



one of the hottest food trends
on the market this year. wow
your guests with options
including beef brisket, sliced
chicken, smoky pulled pork,
sliced portabella with sautéed
onions and peppers
(vegetarian), or pulled
jackfruit (vegetarian). This
station includes corn and flour
tortillas, tomato salsa, peach
salsa, queso fresco, sour
cream, house made
guacamole, fresh fried corn
tortilla chips, and Mexican
rice with cilantro lime black
**ask about custom taco
options for your guests**



fresh garlic and herb linguine
served with your choice of
marinara, smoked mozzarella
alfredo, or scratch made pesto
add on any of the following:
shrimp scampi, sliced
chicken, Grandma Betty’s
beef meatballs, or parmesan

mac &

Martha’s pimento mac &
cheese sauce served with your
choice of pasta, crumbled
Nueske’s bacon, scallions, and
parmesan broccoli
add on any of the following:
boneless braised beef short
ribs, sliced beef brisket
(braised or smoked), or sliced
char-grilled chicken breast



seasonal display of salad
greens, fresh cut veggies, fruit,
nuts, cheese, and house toasted
croutons. choose two dressing
options: balsamic, house
Italian, champagne vinaigrette,
creamy peppercorn, peach
balsamic vinaigrette, ranch,
spiced lime vinaigrette, and
Caesar. greens and veggie
options can be customized
upon request. 


make this into an action
station by adding a “saladtender”
to your greens
station. they will be making
salad dressings in cocktail
shakers as your guests create
their own salad.


add any protein off our
entrée menu to provide your
guests with even more



your guests will choose from
a veggie or beef bone broth to
start. from there, they can add
thin sliced beef, pork belly,
sprouts, pickled eggs,
radishes, cilantro, limes, hot
sauce, kimchi, and noodles.
chopsticks will be provided. a
chef will assist guests in
building their bowls and
slicing proteins to order.
*can be customized upon



start with ahi tuna which is
lightly dressed with soy
sauce, rice vinegar, sesame
oil, thinly sliced scallions, and
sweet chili sauce. guests can
further customize their dishes
by adding kimchi, Asian style
slaw, a variety of sauces,
pickled vegetables, and
jasmine rice. chopsticks will
be provided, along with a chef
to assist guests in building
their bowls.
*can be customized upon


start with steamed bao (light
steamed flour based bun) and
fill with Korean BBQ pork
belly, pulled jackfruit
(vegetarian), or sliced brisket.
top it off with kimchi, Asian
style slaw, a variety of sauces,
pickled vegetables, fresh
cilantro sprigs. a chef will
assist guests in building their
bao and slicing brisket.

*can be customized upon



choose any combination of:
smoked pulled pork, baby
back ribs, sliced brisket,
pulled chicken, and pulled
jack fruit (vegetarian). sides
include fresh baked cornbread
and honey butter, Carolina
slaw, Southwest corn salad,
and your choice of either new
or fingerling potato salad.

*can be customized upon