Our Favorite Things: Summer Edition

Tall Guy owner Dan Nowak and Murphy with grill

It’s hard to believe, but with the help of my awesome staff, I was able to take a Saturday night off last weekend, and celebrate with a Summer Solstice cook out! Mrs. TG and I invited some friends over, fired up the grill, mixed up some cocktails and enjoyed a beautiful night in Milwaukee. In case you’re interested – here are a few of our favorite things right now; check out this sneak peek onto our grill!


Mrs. TG whipped up a batch of strawberry Moscow mules with fresh strawberry puree, vodka, limes and Lakefront Brewery’s new release: New Grist Ginger Beer.


We’re lucky to have friends who are also into great food – this yummy app was simple enough for a dude to make (thanks Patrick!) Fresh mozzarella and basil wrapped in prosciutto, sliced and served on crackers really hit the spot while the grill warmed up!


Murphy and I also had a nice game of catch while we waited for the grill to get ready!

Tall_Guy_Burger_Grill_TrypticEveryone had a good laugh when I came home with about 10 pounds of meat. Yes, there is such thing as the meat sweats, and yes, I like them! Our first course was Ney’s Prime Rib Burgers from Slinger, WI. They are touted as the “Official Burger of Wisconsin” and we could taste why – oh so good with a little cheddar on top!


Our friend Kelly brought it with the sides using all sorts of goodies from her Brewers Organics delivery last week. This delicious mixture had roasted corn, red onion, zucchini, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and Manchego cheese dressed with a crazy-good vinaigrette made with Oro di Oliva lemon white balsamic vinegar and green chili olive oil.


The second salad was green beans, red potatoes and sweet onion dressed in lemon white balsamic, dill olive oil and mustard. A great spin on something so traditional!


The next course to come off the grill was all about the sausages. I couldn’t resist trying the Ney’s chicken caprese brats, or the Hungarian sausage made right at Metcalfe’s on State Street in Tosa.


At this point we were all slowing down a little, but we saved the best for last with a Ney’s grassfed ribeye steak. Murphy was very interested when we threw this thing on the grill. People ask me all the time what the perfect time for cooking on a grill is, and for this bad boy, I did 12 minutes total – 3 minutes then flip for 6 minutes on each side. We shared a plate of steak bites in the moonlight, and man, was it good. They really are right when they say good friends, good food, good life.


We capped off a great night with a bottle of Wisconsin’s own J. Henry & Sons Bourbon. I’d say we did pretty well with keeping it local and showcasing some great midwestern flavors! And we’ll hope to get another night like this on the calendar before the end of summer!