Local Product Review: Treat Bake Shop

A while back, I had seen a brand of spiced pecans featured in my Martha Stewart Living magazine. I am a lover of well designed packaging, so anytime I see something that is aesthetically pleasing and is in a product category I like, I make sure to put it in my arsenal of gift ideas. I dog-eared the page and added the pecans to my Pinterest page.

Via thetreatbakeshop.com

Fast forward several months later, I see these same spiced pecans at the Milwaukee Public Market. I remembered the Martha Stewart connection and checked to see where they were made. I fully anticipated somewhere like Georgia (Tall Guy and I had some pretty amazing pecans in Savannah). Wrong, they were made right here in Milwaukee!

Shortly thereafter, we opened our Tall Guy store front and were looking for local vendors to fill our shelves. Treat was one of the first vendors I suggested, and I’m so glad I did! We carry both the Spiced Pecans and Candied Pecans (<my favorite, I’m a sweets girl!). They have been a popular seller for hostess gifts as well as  in our holiday gift baskets. I admit, I will also steal a bottle here and there to take home. Great on salads, ice cream, or right out of the bottle:)

Via thetreatbakeshop.com
Via thetreatbakeshop.com

I also have to talk about Treat’s creator, Sarah Marx Feldner. Talk about an amazing lady! She has done food writing for national magazines, studied with a pastry chef in France, and even wrote her own cookbook that was praised by the New York Times! After all of that she started up Treat Bake Shop here in Milwaukee to share her talent for making delicious pecans with the world. Learn more about her here on her website.

Besides the Spiced and Candied Pecans, Treat has added Spiced Almonds to their product offerings. Sarah dropped off a sample for me and TG, they are incredible. We will be bringing them to our shelves in time for the holidays!

Nothing makes us happier than good food made by good local people.  Look for Treat products when you visit these local stores, or pick them up from us!

-Mrs. TG