Grocery Store Review: Outpost Natural Foods Coop

One of my local brand idols is Outpost Natural Foods Coop. This is a Milwaukee company that just keeps growing (congratulations to them on opening their new store in Mequon last month!) yet continues to stick to their values which include supporting and advocating for independent, local businesses. I am part of an organization called Local First Milwaukee, which Outpost was a founding member of. When I go into their stores, I see products on the shelves and I know exactly where they came from, and I even know the face and name of the person who created them. I like that. Mrs. TG and I are members of the coop, and we’re happy to support a business that so wholeheartedly supports our community.

outpost store shots
Even if you really don’t care about the local economy or eating organic, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find something cool and unique that you just can’t live without when you browse the aisles of an Outpost store. If you’re a cheese lover like me, that cooler is a veritable wonderland, and if you’ve never shopped the bulk aisle before, you’re in for a treat.

Here’s what I brought home from my last trip to Outpost:

Outpost purchases

Epic 100% grass fed bison-bacon-cranberry bar – this is a hybrid of bison jerky and Cliff bar. It is a 200 calorie, protein filled treat that I just can’t get enough of!

Source recycled/replaceable head toothbrush – I find it hilarious that my new toothbrush’s handle is made from recycled money! Just need to buy replacement heads a couple times a year and this baby will save my teeth and the planet.

Carr Valley Mobay cheese – this bad brick is made in Green County, WI and contains a layer of goat cheese sandwiched with a layer of sheep cheese, bound together with a layer of grape vine ash. So freaking good! It’s like getting two cheeses, then when you try them together, it’s a third flavor. Treat yourself, folks.

Outpost wild rice tofu salad – if you know me well, you know that I’m notorious for grabbing whatever is in the fridge for lunch – most often leftover pasta salad! This healthy mix is full of protein and good stuff to keep me full – looking forward to having it in the fridge tomorrow!

I couldn’t leave the new store in Mequon without checking out their lunch options. I’ve got three words for you: Wood. Fired. Pizza. You can see the roaring flames of the oven from the cash register, and the pizza that I tried (pepperoni with caramelized onions on a thin crust) was delicious – fresh cheese, meat and just the right blend of herbs had me smiling. You can also get lots of gluten free options, hot and cold sandwiches, sushi, and a beautiful selection of coffee (Anodyne) and tea (Rishi) at this counter.

outpost pizza
I could have spent hours in the Mequon store, and I’ve already forgotten to tell you about the cool Wisconsin tee shirts and handmade Outpost mugs, the cookbooks and local living guides, the gourmet pet food, and the vitamin and body products (for Mrs. TG, of course). And if you’re a sucker for free stuff, you can also pick up your copy of Edible Milwaukee, and if you spend $20 you get Outpost’s signature magazine, Graze, for free too!

outpost magazines
If you’ve never been to Outpost, make a stop sometime. You don’t have to be a member to shop there, and it always makes me feel good to buy local. Oh, and a little bird told me they have a special grand opening sale going on from June 18-24 at all of the stores, and a sampler day on June 21 from 11-2 – like you needed more incentive!