It’s Friday fish fry pop-up season!

It’s Friday fish fry pop-up season!

We’re all craving a little bit of normalcy these days, and what’s more normal in Wisconsin than a Friday fish fry?

Last summer when the pandemic forced us to rethink how we did things, one of the ideas we had were pop-up events, which included Friday fish fries. We decided to carry that over to this year and will be offering a fish fry meal every Friday through the end of March.

white claw fish fryWith our White Claw Fish Fry, you’ll get:

  • 3 tempura-battered cod filets, with White Claw seltzer in the batter
  • Skewer of 4 grilled shrimp with Korean BBQ sauce
  • Sweet chili remoulade
  • Kimchi coleslaw
  • Togarashi (salt/citrus/pepper seasoned) potato chips
  • Naan flatbread with 5-spice butter
  • Grilled lime wedge
  • Flour Girl Hot Honey drizzle
  • Choice of White Claw (black cherry, lime, mango) or La Croix seltzer

Order here and you can come pick it up from 4 to 7 p.m. Fridays.

The Crafted Tavern

And what is a fish fry without another Wisconsin staple, an Old Fashioned? Through our new bartending service, The Crafted Tavern (much more on that later), we’re bringing our philosophy of making everything from scratch using local products while offering our own twist on treasured favorites.

We have both brandy and bourbon Old-Fashioned cocktail kits that come with our special house-made cherries (brown sugar, cardamom, allspice, lemon zest, vanilla, and Central Standard brandy). Keep following us here or on our Instagram feed to get the latest updates.