Plan Ahead For Your Corporate Holiday Party

Party Skewers and App Spread

What’s the trick to pulling off a successful corporate holiday party? Planning it now and with Tall Guy’s vast holiday menu options! If your family is like mine, you will have plenty of parties to plan, attend, and enjoy once the holidays arrive. So why not make your responsibility to plan the work party easier on yourself?

Turkey and Gravy

Once the holiday season arrives (sooner than you think!), you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the festivities, rather than worry about the final details.

We Make Your Holiday Party Really, Really Simple.

Holiday Salads

We’ve coordinated hundreds of parties that range in size, dietary restrictions, venue, and budget. Our team can walk you through your holiday menu options – and the numerous ways to customize it. Or, you can hand over the pertinent details and we will offer the right, affordable recommendations. 

There’s no need to figure out portion sizes or plan out dinner courses. Based on what type of atmosphere you’re looking to provide, we’ll map out the necessary amount of food so there is no surprises or waste.

We know you might be working on a tight deadline or budget, and pride ourselves on being able to design a menu that considers it all.

Have Diet Preferences Around the Office?

We’ll create a menu that accommodates them all – without sacrificing choice and flavor.

Holiday Snacks

We take the time to craft our recipes so that all special diets can enjoy our meals without having to piece together what’s left over. Since we work with local producers on a regular basis, you’ll also have the option of making your party as local and/or organic as possible.

We can also provide drink services, so you can cross off “hire a bartender” from your to-do list. We’ll recommend the perfect drink options to offer and the right quantity. 

Have a Vision For Your Corporate Holiday Celebration?

Perhaps you want your holiday party to be a chance for everyone and their families to sit down to a hearty meal. We personally think you can’t go wrong with our Beef Flank Steak with Roasted Tomato Butter and a Winter Greens Salad with tasty Bellavitano cheese.

Flank Steak and salad

Or, are you looking to encourage mingling with easy to grab appetizers such as our Build Your Own Slider bar, Taco bar or Mini Bourbon BBQ Pork Meatballs? Maybe it’s a mix of all three to please the taste buds in your office. 

Whatever direction you’d like to take your party, we will make sure it’s fun and has your employees feeling appreciated for a year of hard work. 

Make Any Party a Holiday Party

Since we’re all about custom orders, we can help you throw your company party any time of the year.

Olive Cheese and Salami Skewers

We all know the crunch to attend or plan holiday parties before the end of the year. Make it easier (and more fun) for your employees by booking your event during the less busy months of the year: January, February, March or even April. I think we’ve made our points to Plan Ahead For Your Corporate Holiday Party!

We’ll make sure your party goes off without a hitch no matter when it happens. We have years of experience collaborating with event management, HR professionals, and CEOs – all with different needs, budgets, and deadlines. Click here to browse our 2017 Holiday Menu and get started on your party planning!