Gratitude for our 2019 Farm To Table Experience

Our second annual Farm To Table Dinner was a success, and I’m so thankful for everyone who was involved, from attendees (so great to see so many familiar faces – thanks to many of you for making this a tradition!) to our hosts at Teffer Farms, to the Tall Guy team and their creativity and amazing execution. This is the place for shout outs, and I’ve got a lot of them!


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Event Partners

We couldn’t have pulled this off without such great friends. Big thanks to everyone who brought their time and talent to the table to create this wonderful evening.

  • Teffer Farms & Green Vets Organix – your beautiful location, hospitality, and sourcing of food for the event was amazing!
  • Floral Alchemy & Wood Violet – thank you for producing beautiful decor and creating the wonderful ambiance of the event – you rock!
  • Uttke Photography & Design – your documentation of the evening is stunning – we appreciate you!
  • The Millbillies – you took it to the next level, guys! Thanks for sharing your music with us!

Local Food Sourcing

It’s what Tall Guy is about: farm to table food. Our chefs created their mouth-watering menu based on seasonal, local food, sourced from these awesome local farms and producers:

Friends and Team

Let’s be honest – it’s really all about the people here at Tall Guy! I said it at the event, and I’ll say it again – I’m so proud of the work this team does. I really just got to show up and hang out with our guests at the Farm To Table Dinner because these guys did such a great job.

Kudos to our chefs (Executive Chef Dana Spandet, Sous Chef Morgan Lopez and Chef Grant Goodman) for managing all things food related, and to our Catering Sales Manager, Alissa Dries (along with our Coordinators Melissa Airoldi and Elena Grade), for making sure everything went off without a hitch. And, to the rest of the team, you guys are amazing – thank you for bringing your “A” game to every event!

Last but not least – to our loyal fans with great taste – you guys are why we do this! Despite being held during our busiest time of year, our team loves going the extra mile to host you. Your confidence in us lets us get creative, try new things, and have a lot of fun. We hope you’ll join us again in the winter for our Beer Dinner, more to come on that. AND, we’re already looking forward to the Third Annual Farm To Table Dinner, coming in summer, 2020!