Getting Creative With Boxed Lunch

France in a Box Lunch Idea

Hey friends! Did you know that we’re on Pinterest? Our catering manager, Veronica, and I love using it as inspiration for our customers. We pride ourselves on creating a menu that is exactly what the customer wants even if it’s outside of our wheelhouse – Pinterest has help us realize our customer’s vision more than once!

Gourmet Boxed Lunch
Photo Credit: The Muellers

Additionally, we create boards when we have our own projects to tackle – new year’s resolutions, our turn to host game day, or prepping the Christmas list. Per a recommendation from a customer, we just added a new one called Boxed Lunch.

Photo credit: Jaala’s Party

While discussing her wedding menus, this customer lamented that she was going out to lunch too often, which was costing her time, money, and calories she couldn’t spare. She knew she could save on all three if she brought her lunch to work, but she couldn’t stomach a week’s worth of boring green salad or PBJ. Tall Guy and A Grill to the rescue!

Brown rice, steamed greens and hearty beef stir fry makes for a great lunch!
Photo Credit: Redbook Magazine

This board is full of interesting bento boxes, boxed lunches and fancy sandwiches, ensuring plenty of gourmet noontime meals. As we head into the start of the school year, I hope you will also find some good ideas to send your kids off with healthy and delicious lunches they won’t trade in the cafeteria!

In the meantime, I think I’m making this for my own lunch tomorrow. #teamdonatello

Teenage Mutant Ninja Lunch!
Photo Credit: Incredible Things

What is your favorite way to brown bag it?

P.S. Don’t forget – if you’re in charge of bringing in lunch for the whole office, we are here to help! Our corporate lunch menus are getting more detailed every day. Call us for more details.