Your Daily Push with Killer K Von B

When Mrs. Tall Guy and I started working out with our personal trainer, Karen at Push Functional Fitness, a few months ago, we didn’t expect to get cooking advice thrown in on the side. But here we are, following her blog, drooling over the healthy, fresh meals and snacks she creates, wishing we could order from her kitchen on late nights when we end up getting pizza (don’t tell her that!)

Karen is a realist when it comes to a healthy lifestyle – mixed in with her incredible recipes are posts like “Is Stress Making You Fat?” and “The Truth is Daily Exercise is NOT Enough!” each talking about real-life factors that could be standing in your way as you try to get healthy. She also offers great at-home (no equipment required) workouts like her “45 Minute Total Body Blast” to keep her readers on top of their activity levels.

But let’s talk about the important stuff: the food. From her Asian BBQ Chicken Thighs with Coconut Lime Cauli-rice to her Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies, she’s bringing it with healthy, often Paleo-friendly recipes. Your Daily Push: Getting Real with Killer K Von B offers everything from breakfast, salads, dinner entrees, and even sweets and snacks, all in a way that says, “hey, it’s okay to love food and to eat food. Good food is part of a healthy life.” Which is why we lover her, and her blog.

asian chicken

Check Karen and her blog out folks – she’s the real deal, and we’re happy to endorse her as a healthy lifestyle expert right here in Milwaukee!