Farm To Table Is More Than A Great Event, It’s Our Business Model

The annual Tall Guy Farm To Table Dinner is fast approaching (get your tickets here if you’d like to join us)! Our chefs always have a great time with this. They get to flex their creative muscles, and truly play with their food. But, that’s not the only fun part of this event. Here are a few more reasons why Farm To Table is more than just another event for us.

Local Sourcing

Since day one, it’s been my mission to use as much locally sourced food as possible for Tall Guy and a Grill catering. Our team puts in a lot of time to find the best local farms and producers because we believe it allows us to get the best products for our clients. It’s also about reducing our carbon footprint, and building relationships with the real people who grow our food.

Brian Sales & Luke Davies of Green Vets Organix

Green Vets Organix

We’ve found the perfect partnership this year with Teffer Farms and Green Vets Organix. Located right in our backyard (New Berlin), the guys over at the farm are doing a great job not only producing organic food, but supporting the veteran’s community. Brian Sales, Luke Davies, and Matt Ruddman have a bunch of reasons for what they do. Brian and Luke are both military vets, who met when Brian was managing the organic therapy gardening program for the Centers for Veterans Issues. Luke had a couple of community garden plots, and an interest in aquaponics. Enter Matt, with his passion and background in fair and sustainable food systems, and you’ve got a winning team.

Purpose and Passion

Not only are they growing food at Green Vets Organix, but they’ve entered the hemp market, too. Currently, they’re testing varieties of hemp best suited for CBD extraction for medicinal purposes. They’ve got plants in the ground this year to see which once produce best in the Wisconsin climate, and are looking forward to building out a hydroponic facility to grow year round. Our team is pretty excited to infuse some drinks and marshmallows with CBD oil at the Farm to Table dinner (Chef Dana invites you to “mallow” out by the fire pit!), but there’s a larger purpose behind this crop. The guys understand the issues with opioids in the veterans community, and they’re working to do their part to bring a more natural, less harmful pain management alternative to market.

Supporting Independently Owned Local Businesses

Back to that relationship thing…we strive to be active in our community, and support other local businesses like ours. The Farm to Table Dinner experience couldn’t happen without a whole crew of talented businesses, who share a lot of the same values as us.

Wood Violet

First, let me introduce Emily Watson, owner of Wood Violet. Not only is she an amazing florist, who we work with often during wedding season, but she’s also a farmer, growing much of the flower stock that she uses for her clients in East Troy, WI. Here at Tall Guy, we consider Emily and her husband Nich (who you’ll often find lugging around containers on a floral job) friends as well as colleagues. They shares our values in sourcing as much product as possible locally, and we love seeing Wood Violet grow and flourish.

Photo credit: Uttke Photography and Design

Floral Alchemy

Next, meet Liz Eagan, owner of Floral Alchemy. She’s another incredibly talented local florist who we work with consistently in our wedding catering business. “Like our friends at Tall Guy and A Grill, Floral Alchemy prioritizes the native, the local, and the sustainable. These values ensure the freshness of our flowers and natural elements — with minimal travel to market — while, also supporting our friends, neighbor’s and region’s small businesses. Ultimately, we believe thoughtful sourcing of flowers and botanicals leads to a more dynamic and genuine experience for our clients reflecting the unique time and space of each event they adorn,” says Liz.

Both Emily and Liz have come on-board to help make the Farm To Table dinner unforgettable with their creativity and vision. They’re true partners to Tall Guy, and we love taking this opportunity to do something fun together!

Having Fun While Making Cool Stuff

Part of the magic of Tall Guy and a Grill is our team, and part of what keeps them striving for greatness is the ability to go crazy once in a while. The Farm to Table Dinner is a chance for us to flex our culinary muscles with interesting dishes that we don’t get to prepare every day. It’s also an opportunity to try out new ingredients and vendors who are located in close proximity to our dinner location. The reason why this is such a fun experience for our guests, is that we love doing it, and it shows.

We can’t wait to share the afternoon with our guests. And we want you to remember that by participating, you’re doing so much more than attending a fun, foodie event. You’re supporting local businesses, local farmers, and the environment! Well done, You!

*Once you meet Green Vets Organix, you’re going to want to volunteer. They’d love to have you or your organization visit the farm, and even help tend the crops for their CSA and hemp harvest. You can also show them your love by visiting them at the farmer’s market or purchasing a CSA share.

*Oh, hey, did you also realize that there’s a lake right in New Berlin? Neither did we. In case you needed one more reason to join us on August 4, here it is: you’ll get the best of both worlds checking out a working farm AND dining with lake views. Pretty cool, huh?

Time to get your tickets? Click Here. They’re $85 per person (10% of that is getting donated back to Green Vets Organix) and we promise, you won’t be disappointed!