Dinner at Hōm Woodfired Grill

Last weekend we tried out the newest of the SURG restaurants, Hōm Woodfired Grill in Brookfield. I was looking forward to checking out the food inspiration they find from local farmer’s markets, small growers, ranchers, and local fishermen.

We were able to get a table right away, and our server shared that many of the menu items are sourced directly from Hōm’s own Hidden Creek Farms located in New London, WI. (She also let us know that the pronunciation of “Hōm” sounds like “Home”). The menu is full of delicious-sounding, local comfort foods including Clock Shadow cheese in a Spotted Cow beer batter, a Wisconsin Melt with Neuske’s bacon, or a wood-grilled pork chop with grain mustard spaetzel and Saxony Gruyere cheese from Cleveland, WI. I wanted to try one of everything, but in an effort to maintain my waist line and try a little of a lot of things, we made a meal out of these:

The Beer cheese soup is made with PBR, Aged Widmer Cheese (from Theresa, WI) Neuske’s Bacon (from Wittenberg, WI) and has popcorn on top. It was oh-so good. The popcorn was unnecessary, and got a little soggy, but the soup itself was rich, delicious, and I would say one of the best Wisconsin Beer Cheese soups I’ve ever tasted!

The French Onion soup is made with Spotted Cow (New Glarus, WI), with Saxony Gruyerye Cheese (Cleveland, WI) on a crostini. This was everything I want in a french onion soup – you know it’s been cooked for hours, the flavor is rich but not heavy, and of course, the melty cheese is such a treat!

We thought we’d see what the market vegetable for the night was, since they are trying to source locally – and it’s the middle of winter. The brussels sprouts that came out were really tasty – dressed with just olive oil, salt and pepper, they were roasted well – not soggy but crisp and hot – well done kitchen staff!

The cottage pie contains Hōm’s own Hidden Creek Farm angus ground beef, celery, carrots, onions, peas, mashed potatoes, and 1-year aged cheddar from Widmer’s. This is such a simple, comforting recipe, and it was incredible. Again, you can tell the ingredients had been simmered together for hours, the beef and vegetable flavor was heavy and wintery, and the mashed potatoes and cheese on top were smooth and full of delicious flavor. I loved it!

All in all, this was a great meal, and I’d go back to Hōm any time. The prices range from $8-$12 sandwiches and appetizers to $15-$35 entrees (the steaks and seafood looked wonderful). Service was friendly and professional and the food really was Wisconsin comfort food. We love to see all of the local ingredients coming across, especially in the middle of winter. There are two locations (one in Brookfield and one at Bayshore Mall) and we wish them well, as they’re producing a great product that we love to eat!