Custom Coffee Grinding Included with Tall Guy Catering!

Don’t forget it’s a Leap Year! A bonus 24 hours this month probably means you could use a caffeine boost to power through. What a great reason to enjoy a pour of our custom Tall Guy Brew.

Partnering with Anodyne Coffee Roasting
We’re proud to partner with Milwaukee’s own Anodyne Coffee Roasting. Our friends at Anodyne have been big supporters of our business since we started catering weddings in 2009. When the time came to craft a custom Tall Guy coffee blend, it made sense to work with Anodyne. Not only are they one of the best in the biz, partnering with Anodyne backs our mission to support local.

Creating the Custom Tall Guy Blend
The process to create a custom blend for our catering company started two years. Anodyne guided us through an extensive tasting process to find the perfect blend to complement our menus.
After countless sips (and one heck of a caffeine buzz!), we found a wonderful blend that features Guatemalan and Nicaraguan coffee beans for a medium, smooth body with mild acidity.
Since we’re serving large groups of people at a single time that have a myriad of different palates, we wanted something flavorful and memorable, yet appealing to most palates. And for those that do prefer decaf, we offer the Anodyne house blend, a great-tasting brew without the jitters.

Whole Bean Means Fresh Taste
Like the rest of our menu, only the freshest ingredients will do. That’s why we’re selective about choosing whole beans. We grind fresh to order to ensure the freshest cuppa Joe possible.
The truth is, pre-ground coffee loses freshness once you open the package. Yes, we go through coffee quickly at an event. And, yes, it’s fussy to grind fresh for the event. And, yes, it probably would be more efficient to pre-grind the beans. But….Tall Guy doesn’t take short cuts when it comes to flavor. Fresh-ground taste is just better.

Cream, Sugar, or Black
So no matter how you take your coffee, we know you’ll savor every piping hot sip of our custom Tall Guy coffee blend. It’s the perfect beverage for morning events (that’s a no brainer). And, of course, guests enjoy our brew with dinner and dessert, too.

Taste and See
Let us know if you’d like a sample of our Tall Guy blend when you come for a menu tasting to plan your wedding, corporate, or special event. Contact us now—but, we’ll wait to grind the beans!