Brunch at Andrew’s in The Delafield Hotel

Delafield Hotel Brunch Omelet

I took a little trip out to Lake Country last weekend, and was excited to try Andrew’s Restaurant inside of The Delafield Hotel. After hearing rave reviews about this place, it was nice to finally sit down and check it out for myself.

The Hotel and Andrew’s are very traditionally decorated, with a comfortable bar and lounge, full dining room and a number of more private booths. I enjoyed checking out the framed maps of Wisconsin in our booth! Our server was prompt and other staff made sure we had water throughout the meal.

Covered in three sections (Cereal & Sweets, Eggs & Omelets, and Specialties) the brunch menu is extensive enough to have something for everyone, yet not too overwhelming.

Andrew's Restaurant in The Delafield Hotel Brunch Omelet

I ordered the Butternut Squash, Brussels Sprouts, Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Omelet and traded my fruit option for the Cream of Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil (I couldn’t resist!). The food was wonderful – the flavors in the omelet came together with earthy compatibility and there was a little bit of goat cheese in every bite. The soup was smooth, flavorful and enhanced beautifully by the truffle oil.

Andrew's in the Delafield Hotel Brunch Quiche

My dining companion chose the quiche special which was roasted tomato, mushrooms and spinach with fruit and substituted the soup of the day (black bean chili) for bread. It was presented beautifully, smelled great, and I have to say, I appreciate a place that doesn’t skimp on the fruit – kiwi, melon, and grapes were plentiful!

All in all, brunch tasted great, and I’d be happy to return to Andrew’s. I was under the impression that it would be a splurge to go here, but prices for brunch were very reasonable – $10-$13 on average with the most expensive thing on the menu (swordfish & shrimp tacos) ringing in at $16. I also appreciated that there is a seasonality to the menu – when I go again, I’ll try the Brioche Doughnuts and Salmon Benedict!