The Essential Bride’s Guide To Wedding Catering

Wedding groom and bride

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When it comes to wedding catering, Tall Guy and A Grill is proud to standout in Milwaukee as a recommend, unique vendor.  I know, firsthand, the planning process isn’t entirely easy, so, with the help of our Catering Manager, Veronica O’Donnell, here’s our Bride’s Guide to Catering. 

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What does Tall Guy need to know?

​We ask a lot of basic questions during the initial conversation to create a custom profile and timeline for each couple.  Questions include:

What is your anticipated wedding date?

Where do you plan to host your wedding breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

What is your expected guest count?

What is your ideal budget?

What food do you love and want to share with your guests?

Do you have a specific theme for your wedding?

What can I expect during the wedding tasting? 

​Once we’ve covered the basics, we’ll invite you to our shop in Wauwatosa for a wedding tasting. Feel free to bring beer or wine to enjoy. Together, we’ll walk through your menu and finalize catering details as you taste & sip. As always, Tall Guy’s tastings are complimentary for each couple.  Additional guests are welcome (fee per guest).

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What unique things does Tall Guy do for weddings?

​“We are, by no means, bound by our classic menus – we love new and creative ideas.  In fact, we’ll happily work with a preferred farm or vendor, and/or incorporate your grandma’s recipe or home brew in a dish,” says Veronica.  To gain some inspiration on customizing your wedding, check out Tall Guy’s Top Wedding Menus in 2015.

Also, keep in mind that we can serve your guests buffet style or set-up bride & groom stations.  The day is yours, so let’s be creative.

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Why Choose Tall Guy?

What I believe we offer here at Tall Guy: an understanding of your wedding wishes.  We will bring your big-day-menu to life with locally sourced food that meets your uniqueness and expectations. We also have a savvy, seasoned staff who works well under pressure.

Lastly, we’d be honored to bring some additional spice to your special day, so if you’re considering Tall Guy, check out our catering menu here: Tall Guy Wedding Catering.  You can also visit us at WEDMKE on Sunday, March 13th, where we will be one of 50 different vendors helping to make your planning experience fun and easier. Hope you enjoyed our Essential Bride’s Guide To Wedding Catering!