Brewery Tour Review: Sprecher Brewing Company

Our dear friend Jen is leaving Milwaukee in a few weeks to live in Chicago. We are very sad, but we’ve been having fun doing ‘Milwaukee things’ before she goes. This weekend, we headed to Sprecher Brewing Company for a Brewery Tour and Reserve Tasting (because we’re fancy like that).

The tour was typical. We joked that we have done so many brewery tours that we clearly don’t need to know how beer is made, we just want to drink it in a brewery.A unique thing about Sprecher is that not only do they brew beer, they also have a quite extensive list of sodas that they make. In fact, their Sprecher Root Beer outsells all of their beers AND other sodas PUT TOGETHER, multiple times! Their beer is only distributed in Wisconsin, but their sodas are sold nationally.

After the tour, we were shown to a private tasting room where we tried 10 different beers paired with artisan cheeses. It was a fun atmosphere and was interesting pairing the two. You could definitely find different flavors coming out in both when combined. You just get a little square of each cheese with a couple ounces of each beer at a time. But if you ask nicely like Jen did, the man in charge may give you some extra horseradish cheese…The really cool thing is that on your way out not only can you buy any of the beers or sodas you tried, but also the cheeses. Our friend Patrick took advantage of that and brought a couple of chunks home!

It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. If you go we highly recommend you do the Reserve Tasting, especially if you want to get a feel for all of their beers. Doing just the tour you only get one beer during the tour and one after. That’s clearly not enough:)

Happy Monday!