Affogatos Are Perfect For Late Night Parties

Coffee Dessert Drink

Earlier this year, we catered a wedding reception for Leah and Fabricio, a couple who had great ideas about what their menu would look like, and how to bring their own style and taste to their special day. Everyone had a fabulous time at this festive party due to all the attention to detail the happy couple and their families put in – we loved the details, too – so much that we’re adding this customized treat to our regular coffee bar menu! We fell in love with Affogatos!

Italian Affogato from Tall Guy in Milwaukee

As part of their offerings, the couple had an affogato coffee bar. Have you heard about this Italian dessert drink? It’s an amazing combination of espresso or strong coffee and vanilla ice cream. What a perfect pairing for the late night party goers! A little caffeine to keep you going and cold, rich ice cream to cool you down.

Coffee and Ice Cream Drink from Tall Guy and A Grill

This drink can be served in tall coffee mugs, thick red wine goblets or whatever fancy glassware you have in mind. When served to large groups, we go the mug route, but at home Mrs. Tall Guy likes these fancy little martini glasses.

Purple Door Ice Cream and Anodyne Coffee Drink from Tall Guy

Try this at home or order it for your next big event. We’ve added Affogatos to our menu options using French press-brewed Mind Tonic Espresso Blend from Anodyne. Our servers pour it over a scoop of Purple Door’s vanilla bean ice cream and serve it with an Italian Pirouette cookie and a smile. Want a little extra kick? Amaretto is available by request.