At Tall Guy, we are inspired to create a food experience which expresses the personality and passions of our clientele. Our passion for great food inspires us to create exceptional dishes using the highest quality and locally sourced farm-to-fork ingredients. Tall Guy’s local partners and conscientious service team will deliver an extraordinary and uncomplicated event. We proudly serve the entire Milwaukee area and southeastern Wisconsin.
Tall Guy Team

Why Tall Guy?

Catered Box Lunch

Great Outdoor & Unique Location Caterer:

Because of our eager-to-please nature, we can easily and willingly adapt and accommodate customers’ needs regardless of location. We’re on the recommended vendor list for most venues for good reason.



Shop Local for Natural & Fresh Ingredients:

We shop local farms and markets for our ingredients for many reasons. It tastes better, is healthier, is less-processed, and it supports our local food economy. Our customers want and expect the Wisconsin farm-to-table experience.



Reasonable & Affordable Cost:

We are dedicated to providing healthier, satisfying, quality comfort food options and personalized services that are a great value by being convenient and accessible for any budget.


Adaptable & Easy to Work With:

Our approach to our business and catering style appeals to people looking for a “non-stuffy,” casual, uncomplicated, fun event experience. We are receptive and adaptable to our customers’ needs and concerns, which creates a more personalized experience for our customers.



Prepared & Well Organized:

Our experienced, professional, and regimented approach allows us to be well prepared for all our events by planning in advance for any situations or possible obstacles. When our customers trust us with their food needs, it allows them to have a stress-free, enjoyable time at their event.

Pasta and Salad Catering


Local First Member   2016 Best Caterer Award  International Caterers Association Member


Owner Dan Nowak

Dan Nowak

Dan and Amanda

Amanda Nowak

Mrs. Tall Guy
Tall Guy Executive Chef Dana Spandet

Dana Spandet

Executive Chef
Nina Mendez

Nina Mendez

Catering Manager