5 Food and Drink Pairings That Will ROCK Your Next Party

We had some fun thinking up fresh food and drink pairings for your next party.  Depending on the occasion, size, and venue, these locally-endorsed food and beverage couplings will help you rock your upcoming gig.

1. Dang! This is Good! 

dang root beer and sliders

We call this the “dang, this is good!” duo because, well, you really can’t get much better than grass-fed beef sliders rubbed in Penzey’s Chicago Steak Spice, stuffed with your favorite cheese, and then cushioned between a Pretzilla slider bun.  Match your juicy, flavor-filled sliders with “Dang! Rootbeer,” which comes in a variety of sweet, glorious flavors: Rootbeer, Butterscotch, Red Cream Soda, and Diet Butterscotch.

2. Local Love Pairing

watermelon mint with cheese

Creating a locally-sourced charcuterie plate and pairing it with a refreshing cocktail is a great way to show-off your ingenuity and local love.  Might we suggest stopping at Clock Shadow Creamery or Larry’s Market to select fresh, locally-made cheeses, sausages, and other fun ingredients like homemade fudge, blue-cheese stuffed olives, purple grapes, and Potter’s Crackers.  You’ll also need to pop-in to Central Standard Distillary for bourbon, vodka, and/or gin to concoct a thirst-quenching beverage.  We love Central Standard’s “S.B.G” – also known as the Strawberry, Basil, & Gin Spritzer.

Central Standard Distillery Recipe:

1 strawberry
2 fresh basil leaves
2 teaspoons white sugar
2 oz Central Standard Gin
1 oz fresh lemon juice
3 oz chilled club soda

3. Breakfast. It’s What’s for Dinner. 

Cheese pie and Bloody Mary

A breakfast menu, served any time of day, will undoubtedly impress your party people.  And, it’s simple to make these craveable, pocket-sized cheddar bacon quiches.  Note, however, these cheesy little pies can’t be served without their other half – #Tall Guy’s Bourbon BBQ Bloody Mary, fixed with spiced sea salt and Nueske’s Bacon.

4. Summer Fling 

caprese and wine

For the casual, whimsical evening, try these easy-breezy caprese skewers. You’ll need fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil – all of which can be found at Outpost Natural Foods – and then drizzle your skewers in balsamic vinaigrette.   Most importantly, make sure your guests have a glass of chilled Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc to sip on as this wine will really intensify the flavors. All in all, this pairing is a match made in heaven.

5. The Wisco Combo

beer and brat

One can’t live in Wisconsin and not suggest a brat & beer combo.  That would be…sinful.  Check out Bunzel’s (which has a new location on Burleigh!) or Kettle Range Meat Co. for locally-sourced brats that grill and caramelize to perfection.  If you want to mini-size this entrée, your guests will have fun eating a brat & pretzel skewer made with Pretzilla pretzel bites!  Do not, however, mini-size your Louise Demise Amber Ale from the Milwaukee Brewing Company.

Veronice and Dan w logo

So, now that you have some great pairing ideas that will help you rock your next event, we’d love to hear what you choose to prepare for your people. We promise intense, delicious flavor – made #Tall Guy style.  From us, your perfect catering pair.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 Food and Drink Pairings That Will ROCK Your Next Party!