Autumn Wedding Catering with the Tall Guy Team at Black Swan MKE


Autumn Wedding Catering with the Tall Guy Team at Black Swan MKE

When we provide wedding catering services, we find that every couple has a unique, meaningful approach. This Autumn, we loved catering for Cara & Alex at Black Swan Milwaukee. It was the perfect riverside venue for the season. Located inside the Renaissance Building in the Historic Third Ward, Black Swan MKE is just a block shy of the Milwaukee Public Market and has the perfect vibe for any type of celebration.

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringLike many couples, Cara & Alex brought a lot of creativity to their Autumn day. We personally loved their carved jack o’lanterns – a clever fall decor that added meaning to their day. We also appreciated their thoughtful approach to taking care of their guests. For example, they kicked off their reception with an evening cocktail hour and Tall Guy appetizers.

Create The Perfect Cocktail Hour

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringGuests opened the front door of Black Swan MKE to a stunning two-level atrium with elegant chandeliers. Above were exposed timber trusses and below was a beautiful staircase leading to a table full of champagne. The atmosphere was perfect for a day of celebration!

Once everyone had their glass of bubbly, they were drawn to a table dedicated to the Milwaukee couple. Here, friends and family were able to write Cara & Alex wishes for a happy future on wine bottles dedicated to future anniversaries. 

Tall-Guy-And-A-Grill-Wedding-CateringAs guests mingled in the atrium and shared memories about Cara & Alex on the patio, our staff began to pass savory Tall Guy appetizers such as:

Panko Crusted Mac and Cheese Bites

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringItalian Bruschetta with BelGioioso Mozzarella

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringMini Bourbon BBQ Pork Meatballs

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringAs always, so many people were intrigued (and delighted) by the Panko Crusted Mac and Cheese Bites. What makes these bites such a crowd-pleaser? It’s the Applewood Smoked Gruyere, Fontina cheese, and smoked Nueske’s bacon.

Make Your Guests Say “Wow” With a Tall Guy Carving Station

Ask us about setting up a staffed carving station as a part of your dinner buffet. Everyone is excited to taste the main entreé, and the carving station is one way to make the dish a bit more customized and classy.

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringLet’s not forget to mention that guests receive their cut of meat in the freshest way possible… 

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringThis particular evening, the carving station was all about our flavorful and juicy Beef Tenderloin. Guests were eager to try the Peppercorn Horseradish and Tall Guy’s very own Barbeque sauce, too. 

Elegant, Delicious and Customized Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringWe know a few tricks to creating a wedding menu that every couple dreams about – and it doesn’t have to break the bank. For example, perhaps you and your fiancé are imagining a casual buffet with a variety of sides, and you’d prefer a duet entrée. Yet, you want the dining experience to be a bit more formal. To add an element of formality for Cara & Alex, we also served a plated Caesar Salad before guests hit up the buffet. 

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringThis gave guests a chance to relax, socialize with old friends, and enjoy the father-of-the-bride speech before dinner began. Also, Cara and Alex knew they wanted to accommodate all guests’ dietary preferences at their wedding, and we helped them easily incorporate these options. We offered our Black Bean, Herb, and Veggie Cake dressed with a Red Pepper Sauce – all on top of a bed of fresh, mixed greens. 

Tall-Guy-and-a-Grill-Black-Swan-MKE-wedding-cateringThe Tall Guy team knows there are plenty of decisions on your plate when planning your wedding. That’s why we ask the right questions and help you pinpoint what elements are important to the entire experience. We hear couples tell us they want their Milwaukee wedding to be unique, personal, and at the same time, fuss-free – and wedding catering with Tall Guy makes it exactly that. 

Are you in the beginning stage of planning your wedding? Our team can help make deciding entrees, drinks, and dessert fun and easy.

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